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EVER Industry - is a company active in the field of Power Plants and Industrial Plants. Our resources and expertise enable us to respond quickly and effectively to the requirements of industry and clients.


Engineering Procurement Construction - EVER Team has been executing EPC work in various combinations of engineering, procurement, construction roles for international and domestic projects. We have recently made an important transition to become an even more successful and aggressive participant in the domestic and international power and process EPC projects. We have invested considerable resources in developing tools, capabilities, relationships and reference information that enable us to be competitive even in difficult economic climates. We are committed to achieving a major role in upcoming power projects around the world. We provide a number of key strengths including: Reference designs, Supplier relationships, Construction, Project development mentality.

Our solution for clients can be offered with the following technologies:

  • Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Combined Heat and Power Plants
  • Simple Cycle Power Plants
  • Conventional Thermal Power Plants
  • Power Plants based on Renewable Energy Sources


Safety - We are dedicated to maintain the safety-focused and environmentally viable business plans. This is at the center of our business strategies.


Consulting - As recognized leaders in thinking "outside the box", we develop innovative - yet tangible - solutions that give our clients a distinct competitive edge.


Engineering and Design - Through our strategic partnership with the most competent Engineering Companies, we enjoy offering the most comprehensive engineering and design solutions. This capability introduces us as a valued and trusted resource for our industrial clients around the world.

Procurement - With our highly diverse design-build expertise, we are capable for delivering premium equipment and services at the best value for our clients.


Construction - We offer a comprehensive range of construction and construction management services.


Commissioning - We are able to offer start-to-finish commissioning services to our customers. Our commissioning services will provide safe and reliable operations during the most critical stage of construction of power plants.  It's our job to prove the integrity of all systems, identifying and correcting design and construction errors along the way. Our comprehensive approach helps our clients meet a host of challenges that arise from a project's very beginning, such as cost control; schedule adherence; regulatory, safety and environmental compliance and operational performance.


Fabrication and Manufacturing - We contain the capability to manage the fabrication and manufacturing of steel structures of any kind and pressure equipment and piping as per ASME and EN requirements.


Project Delivery/Project Management - We provide streamlined, cost-effective, state-of-the-art systems and processes and focus on the details to ensure our clients' projects are delivered on time and within budget.


Technology - The constant pursuit of leading-edge technologies remains a core component of our strategic plan. Our expanding technology portfolio features value-added, groundbreaking solutions for clients in every facet of our business.


Project Development, Finance, and Investments - EVER Industry engages in project development and arranges equity and debt financings on strategic capital projects that leverage the skills of EVER's primary lines of business and enhance the value of service that we provide to our customers.