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Ethics and business integrity form the backbone of EVER core values. Our employees understand and honour our principles and policies to strictly comply with all laws and regulations of jurisdictions where we do business. We are aware that our actions are reflections of our way of thinking. We help our clients and the communities in which we work and live to see our commitments come to life through the decisions we make every day. It is necessary for all company members to: Stay true to our values, Respect and help our business environment, Deliver great work, Honour one another. We adhere to these principles of ethical conduct, and work with business partners who live up to the same standards. Our employees may question directions received from others, or may become aware of or suspect a possible violation of law or an EVER policy. We offer several reporting channels to our employees and those that work with us to ask questions, seek guidance, and report potential violations in the way they find to be most comfortable. We follow up on all reports and take proactive measures to address concerns fairly, and in a timely manner.




Our professionals are well aware of the safety requirements that today’s tourism industry demands. We works with the clients and all regulatory agencies to be a proven industry leader in environment, health and safety. Ensuring the safety and health of all our guests, professionals, and our environment is our highest priority. We have a stringent EHS training program to strengthen awareness of safety, teach safer working practices and promote adherence to environmental protection. Our EHS manual is designed to identify the roles and responsibilities of the individuals in the organisation, and to make sure that a positive EHS functional culture is established. All EVER employees are required to demonstrate a clear commitment to EHS.